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4 Reasons Why an SSL certificate is a Must-Have for Your Website

Most web users will trust websites with a Security Socket Layer, commonly abbreviated as SSL. This digital certificate is an important element on your website as it protects sensitive data from being passed on to unauthorized users. It does this by encrypting the connection between your computer and the website you’re visiting. Here are 4 reasons why we think SSL certificates are a must-have for any company website.

Protects online users from information theft

When browsing any website, there’s a host of information that is transmitted through a channel of computers or servers before it gets to your device. If the site doesn’t have SSL properly installed on its servers, there’s a higher risk of this information being stolen. This digital certificate is designed to make information readable only to the intended user. Users without an ‘encryption key’ will be unable to decode the information as it contains random characters.

Provides secure data transfer for eCommerce platforms

If you are running an eCommerce platform where you expect your customers to pay for your products or services on the website, you must have an SSL certificate. In fact, search engines like Google recommend SSL certificates with an encryption of at least 128-bit for eCommerce websites. This is an important step when building eCommerce websites as it guarantees the safety of client payment information. Keep in mind that your clients will be expected to put in their credit/debit card transaction information, individual login details, and other important information that would make them a target of identity theft.

Boosts trust on your website and brand

Online users feel a sense of security when they see the green http on your website. While identity theft is on the rise, many people are taking extra precautions when submitting information or even visiting certain websites. Having the SSL certificate is a sure way of reducing your site bounce rate and building confidence in the brand. When visitors stay longer on your website, it helps to improve the overall rankings.

Google flags websites without an SSL certificate

Just to emphasize how important the SSL certificate was on every website, Google rolled out a feature that resulted in all websites which did not have an SSL certificate by the end of 2017 being flagged and marked as “not secure”. This step was taken in 2018 as a way of promoting a safer browsing experience. Today, the lack of SSL certificates not only affects eCommerce websites but all other web pages. Whether you have a company website or you’re building a personal brand, this change applies to you.

Maintaining a strong online presence requires consistent hard work. Don’t commit a simple mistake like not having an SSL certificate that would make the job of ranking better harder than it already is. Take steps to improve the security of your website and promote a safer browsing experience on the web. If you need help installing the SSL certificate on your platform, reach out to us.

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