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7 Quick SEO Tips for Web Designers

Website designers often find themselves having to wear many hats. On one hand, web designers must be creative and have the ability of coming up with appealing web pages that are functional and easy to navigate. On the other hand, their web pages must be search engine friendly. Professional web design Melbourne FL should be done with both in mind. If this is not done, the site doesn’t stand a chance at ranking well on search engines let alone getting users to spend more time on it and eventually convert. We’ll look at some basic SEO tips to keep in mind when designing any website.

1.       Search engine friendly navigation

Avoid elements like flash on the site’s navigation because they’re not the most accessible to search engine crawlers. Many websites are still using flash especially on critical areas like the navigation which heavily impacts on their rankings and usability.

2.       Consider proper content structure

Making sure the content on the website is structured in such a way that the search engines can easily read is quite important. This simply means making use of the html tags, headings, paragraphs, and links. This requires proper planning during the website design stages.

3.       Make sure your URLs are search engine friendly

It’s easy to make URLs difficult to crawl without noticing. If you overlook certain basic steps, you might find yourself with a beautiful looking website that just doesn’t rank. A simple rule of thumb is to avoid query strings in the URLs and always make sure they contain keywords.

4.       Block pages that you don’t want indexed

Search engines don’t have to index all the pages on your site. If there are pages that do not add any value to your content such as the server-side scripts or a section of your website that you’re using as a test environment, use the robots.txt file to prevent search engines from crawling them. This could avoid duplicate content issues that ultimately impact your website rankings.

5.       Descriptive image alt attributes

It’s easy to overlook the image alt attribute when uploading media files on your website pages. These alt attributes are quite important as search engines will look for keywords to determine whether they are relevant to certain search queries. These alt attributes also enhance usability because they can help a user who can’t see the images to read what it’s about.

6.       Add a blog to make the site more dynamic

Websites with active blogs are loved by search engines because they always provide fresh content to their users. When the content changes more rapidly, search engines will crawl the site at a greater frequency which also enhances its rankings.

7.       Clean code is key

As a web designer, you must get into the habit of creating well-formed, clean code. This clean code will not only make your site easier to index but will also ensure that your website is well constructed to improve factors like page load time and usability.

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