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5 Trends in Web Design Every Palm Bay Business Should Consider

It’s easy for potential customers to form an impression about your business the minute they land on your website. For some, this first perception regarding your brand is the only one they’ll ever have. That’s why great web design Palm Bay is one that helps any business make a good first impression. It’s always important to understand the top trends and how you can incorporate them into your current web pages to impress your customers and prospects. Let’s go over some top 5 trends that every business in Palm Bay should consider when redesigning their website.

1.       Incorporating video content

Videos have a way of communicating information about your business that no static images or copy can do alone. Most businesses shy away from creating video content because of the cost, time, and resources required to produce great videos. However, they are a great investment since videos not only engage your users but are also great for SEO. Investing in good videos on your web design Palm Bay will certainly pay off.

2.       Consider dark mode

With bigger platforms like Facebook taking on dark mode, it’s not surprising that other businesses are incorporating this element in their web design Palm Bay. We’re seeing more and more websites with darker and moody color schemes together with neons. It’s a unique style especially for businesses that target the younger generations.

3.       3D Visuals

A while back, many small businesses couldn’t incorporate 3D visuals in their web design because of the technology required to develop such visuals. This is no longer a stumbling blog as there are many affordable and even free tools to create really cool 3D visuals that you can incorporate into your website. With these visuals, businesses can create an immersive experience on their website and take their customers through a journey where they get to better understand their products or services. You can use 3D visuals in your website design to break boundaries between what you’re showing on your web pages and the reality.

4.       Minimalistic navigation

Gone are the days when web designers used to showcase their creativity with complex navigation. Since navigation affects usability, a minimalistic approach will not only improve your overall web design but also the user experience. Over the years, navigation has gotten simpler and simpler with many websites choosing minimalistic approaches to ensure users don’t have to spend time thinking about how to move around.

5.       Minimum use of text

Lastly, web designers are shifting from using large chunks of text in their core web pages to large photos and videos that capture the most critical aspects of the business. Photo and video content can be used to impress users far much better than any amount of text can. Furthermore, larger imagery creates an overall simplistic look that gives your small business an opportunity to showcase its products and services.

Some of these popular web design trends just won’t go away so you better take advantage of them now to give your users the best experience on your web pages. 

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