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6 Tips in Web Design Titusville to Speed up your Image Heavy Landing Pages

Images and videos are by far the most critical components of any website. Whether you’re running a blog, an e-commerce store, or a fashion website, you need to ensure that the images uploaded are properly optimized to prevent bogging down your website. Image optimization is a critical aspect in any web design Titusville because it not only affects your site’s usability but also search rankings. Images can quickly pile up and result in slow loading pages. We’ll go over some steps you can take to better optimize the images on your website and speed up your landing pages.

1.       Identify all images that are bogging down your website

First and foremost, you must identify the images that are greatly affecting your website speed. There are many tools that you can use online to check all the images on your web pages that are slowing it down.

2.       Resize the images

The next important step is to resize the images on your website. An option would be to do the resizing manually if there are only a few images that need to be worked on. However, in many cases, manual resizing isn’t practical as it would take too long to get the job done. There are many third-party software that you can use to resize and crop bulk images in just a few minutes.

3.       Choose the right format

Images in the wrong formats can end up slowing down your website. The most common image formats are jpg, png, and gif. Each of these is suited for different purposes. For instance, product images on an e-commerce shop should be in jpg format whereas logos on any website should be in png format. Choosing the wrong format can result in quality issues as there are changes in the color of the image when it’s compressed. You must strike a balance between the image size and quality if you want to maintain a great web design Titusville.

4.       Use responsive images

Responsive websites will decide which image size to load depending on the user’s device. However, there should be a list of images with different dimensions to suit different screens. Some websites can easily adjust the image sizes for different browsers. This is to maintain great usability when loading image-heavy websites on different devices.

5.       Take advantage of lazy loading

Lazy loading of images helps to retain website speed since the content doesn’t load if it’s not required immediately. This technique is especially ideal for e-commerce websites with many images. The images will only be loaded as the user keeps scrolling down the page. This saves on bandwidth and ensures a faster loading page.

6.       Use a CDN

CDNs or content delivery networks can be used to cache your images so that the requests are made faster thereby increasing the website load speed. There are many CDNs that you can choose from just make sure the one you go for supports HTTP/2 protocol.

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